Why I decided To Create Ghana Travel Content

I decided to share Ghana more through travel and lifestyle especially, to give people a reason to visit Ghana through the eyes of my phone and the stories I tell.


Kofi Dotse

12/14/20212 min read

Visiting South Africa for the first time started my travel madness lol. Let me share a little secret with you. I am part of a singing group @theharmoniouschoraleghana and in July 2018 we were nominated to participate in the world choir games in Pretoria for the first time for Ghanaians.

Fast forward, we spent 2 weeks in South Africa, one week in Hatfield, Pretoria, and the last week in Sandton Johannesburg.

What made me feel Ghanaian? The energy and excitement with which we were received by our fellow Africans in South Africa were exciting! Believe me, I have never felt this nostalgic. They loved our traditional outfits especially the Kente and our sashes.

One night, on my way to my room (back in Pretoria, we stayed in a hostel, House Erika on campus) in the elevator, when a handful of pretty Russian girls joined in and began to ask me questions. Questions like where are you from? Which continent are you from? Amongst others.

From their questions, you could tell they knew nothing about Africa, especially Ghana and have never ever seen dark-skinned people. I was glad to share about Ghana and our culture. Right after sharing my story, we exchanged souvenirs and took lots of groupfies!

Right from that experience, I decided to tell stories through road trips, the city lifestyle, and our food. Being Ghanaian is a blessing and the respect that comes with it is emotional! I feel we as Ghanaians and especially storytellers, filmmakers, travel bloggers, tour guides owe a great deal of favor to our Ghanaian heritage. Having made this my mindset and focus, I started to capture and share my travel stories.

My content is basically photos, videos in the form of guides to the places I visit and my reviews. I make use of Instagram more and so when you visit my page you'll definitely love what I do.

The impact of Covid hasn't stopped me from doing what I love. Instead, I have focused on doing more local tours and uncovering hidden gems. There's a lot here in Ghana we need to showcase to the world. This is indeed driving me to create more travel content! If you're looking for information about places to visit to relax or unplug, check out my Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on things to do and see in Ghana.

Kofi Dotse remotely working from Paps Beach in Keta Ghana
Kofi Dotse remotely working from Paps Beach in Keta Ghana