Proven Ways To Secure Your Instagram Account in 2021

While Instagram can be a very helpful tool for your business, it can be taken away from you at any time. Check out these tips to secure your Instagram account.


Kofi Dotse

11/16/20212 min read

Getting your Instagram account hacked can be a nightmare especially if your income depends on it largely. In the next few paragraphs, read on to see some proven ways to secure your Instagram account. I have also provided in this blog post a link to recover your Instagram account or that of a friend if it has been compromised.

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  1. Turn on 2 Factor Authentication

I know this is not a 100% secure option, however this can secure your account to at least 99%. Yes, I have tried it and still do and works perfectly for me. Swipe left below to see how you too can turn on 2FA for your IG page.

  • First navigate to your Settings

  • Next, tap on Security

  • Then tap Two Factor Authentication

  • There are 5 options to verify your accounts

  • Here I advise you choose all options for a better experience.

  • If you have an authentication app, select the second option.

  • If you don't have any authentication app like Google Authenticator, or Duo Mobile, install any.

  • If you decide not to use an authentication app, select the Text Message option.

  • Next, enter an active phone number, wait for Instagram to send you a 6 digit code.

  • Enter the code and you've successfully turned on 2FA

  • Use the Additional Methods option if you don't have access to the first three methods in points 3,6, 8, and 9.

  • With this option, Instagram will send a Login Approval notification to all your devices signed into your account. Please make sure to sign into your account on all your devices and keep them safe.

Login Activity

  • In special cases where your 6 digit verification code delays, always use the back up codes under login requests).

  • Finally, go back to Account Recovery and see which devices are sign into your account. If you see any unauthorised login, remove that devices completely!

Additionally, Instagram has a WhatsApp Business number you can connect to so they send you login codes when you have a problem accessing your account.

Instagram WhatsApp Business Account

2. Change your Passwords regularly.

Hackers are 5x smarter than you lol. They will devise several means to hack your account even through your most trusted friends. Make sure to change the passwords to your Instagram Email and your Instagram Account at least twice every month. Yes, thats a lot of work but you have to do it.

To change your Instagram password, navigate to settings (see point 1).

Instagram Password Reset

Select Password. Instagram sends a reset link to your email for you to change your password. It's that easy right?

These are the two most proven ways to secure your Instagram account. You can take extra steps like reporting suspicious or fake accounts that you find questionable.

Please note Instagram will never ever send you a DM. Never Ever! For more info tap here

Thanks for reading to this point. As promised, find the recovery link below. Copy and save it!!!!

or this

As always, if you have any additions or questions, leave them in the comments section . I promise i'll reply☺️ If you have any suggestions for blog posts like this, send me a dm on Instagram @kofigramm

Cheers and let's keep safe and sane🥳