Let's Spend 24 Hours In Uganda



Uganda had always been a distant dream on my bucket list, a place I never thought I'd visit anytime soon. However, when the chance arose to visit Rwanda for the Move Afrika event by Global Citizen, I seized the moment. I decided to extend my trip and finally explore the Pearl of Africa.

Traveling for over 15 hours from Kigali to Kampala was my longest road trip yet, but the anticipation of the upcoming experiences kept me excited. I had three days to explore Uganda before flying back to Kigali and finally returning to Accra.

If you only have a few days to explore this East African gem, here are my top tips to ensure you make the most of your time.

If you’re staying in Kampala, right after breakfast, take a safe boda (motorbike) and head to the Kabaka Palace. Entry costs UGX 20,000 and a tour guide takes you on a tour that lasts for about 40 minutes (well you can make that shorter). The palace housed the three Kings of the Buganda kingdom in the 18th century and was turned into a prison in 1966.

In the Palace, you’ll explore the torture chambers of Idi Amin after learning about the rich history of Uganda. Most of the interns working as tour guides in the palace sell their art on the premises. You could purchase one as a souvenir.

Next, take a city tour of Kampala on a boda. You’ll see spots like the Clock Tower, the Buganda Parliament house and the bustling and busy life of Kampala.

For lunch and rest, there are plenty of spots scattered across the city. I’ll recommend trying Rolex, which is one of the most popular staples in Uganda. You should also try Matoke, another staple which is made from plantain.

After your street tour, visit the Uganda national museum. The museum is the treasure trove of Uganda and holds the extensive history of the country, culture, politics and the people. Entry fee costs UGX 15,000 for foreigners. The entire tour should last about an hour and it’s totally worth it. Right behind the museum is the Kasubi tombs which overlooks the hills of Kampala district. The tombs are the final resting place of the Buganda royal family.

Right after this, the sun should be setting in. You could stay in Kampala and explore the vibrant nightlife scene which includes night markets, bars and clubs scattered across the capital. Or you could continue to Entebbe which is roughly 30 minutes by car from Kampala.

When in Entebbe, visit Coco Beach which is a few minutes away from the international airport. Entry costs $5 and you could relax at the beach, order some food and drink or just stare at people having a good time on the beach until your next adventure

Coco Beach Entebbe, Uganda
Coco Beach Entebbe, Uganda
two empty chairs sitting on a Coco beach Entebbe
two empty chairs sitting on a Coco beach Entebbe

Coco Beach, Entebbe Uganda

The list is endless. If you’re like me, you could take a 4 hour road trip to Masindi district to see the most powerful waterfall in the world. The Murchison Falls National Park has got to be the largest and most preserved in Uganda. The experience lasts for 2 days. The first day is for exploring the falls, the Nile River and source and the second day, a safari game drive in the park.

The cost varies per booking agency, but you could book with Viator or via GetYourGuide. My experience was sponsored by Viator and I had the best time.

My time in Uganda was quite short and limited but I’m going to make a return soon. If you’re planning to visit anytime soon, you could reach out to me for some tips and recommendations.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!