Why You Should Experience Boat Sailing In Ada Foah

If you want to experience the Maldives in Ghana, Ada Foah has got the exact vibes and atmosphere for a relaxing weekend. From jet skiing to swimming to sailing Ada Foah is a must-see!


Kofi Dotse

1/8/20223 min read

In 2021, I planned to go on an adventure in Ghana every weekend or at least twice a month. Visiting Ada Foah in February was one of my biggest highlights of the year. Ada Foah has a lot of things you can do especially if you're looking at completely unplugging from your usual. Guys! I experienced boat sailing for the first time here and I didn't have to travel anywhere else but here in Accra.

I keep saying that Ghana has many hidden gems and activities and you just need the right person to uncover them such as boat sailing! Early February 2021, I joined Phish from MoooveAfrica, a travel experience group together with Robert and some other bunch of travel junkies to Ada one hot Saturday afternoon. This was my first trip to Ada and I must say everything there is perfect for your leisure needs.

Right on arrival at the Ghana Boat Sailing Club, I took a dip at the beach to cool down because I had left home so early and I didn't have time to wash down properly. The water gave me the exact freshening I needed for my day in Ada Foah.

Kofi Dotse relaxing at the beach in Ada
Kofi Dotse relaxing at the beach in Ada
Kofi Dotse in Ada Foah
Kofi Dotse in Ada Foah

Right on the Ada beach is Ghana Sailing Club which is only accessed via membership, however, you can book an experience with a boat operator here in Ada. All that you need was a clear mind a spirit ready to let go and indulge.

I put on a life jacket, grabbed my phone and gimbal, and set off to sail on the Ada waters. The whole sailing experience lasted for about an hour or a little less.

We sailed on the calm waters enjoying the breeze and everything boat sailing could ever give. Francis, the boat operator talked briefly about boat sailing (check my vlog on Youtube for more of the action) whilst we relaxed and indulged.

About The Boat Sailing Experience

Boat Sailing in Ada is members only and you'll have to book the experience ahead of time. If you'll love to go sailing you should budget close to GHS 350 for the experience alone.

I spent roughly GHS 500 /$82 that weekend including transport, the experience, and snacks. The boat fee goes for GHS 270 or $47 and a boat can take a maximum of three persons including the operator. You'll be required to pay an additional Guest fee of GHS 80 or $14 and a guide fee of GHS 40 or $7 per session.

Adding all up should amount to something around 350 cedis for the whole experience. Yes, you could come with snacks and everything else you'll need for your Ada experience.

Aside from boat sailing, jet cruising, or swimming, you could have a full body massage by the beach or on the water. Phish from MoooveAfrica hooked us up to some delight from Chef Keeks right after everything. Yes, it came with the experience package and everything was worth it.

I had beef burgers, chicken wings, tacos, and fried rice for lunch and washed it down with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on the beach!

A bottle of Smirnoff Ice on Ada Beach
A bottle of Smirnoff Ice on Ada Beach
Chef Keeks Lunch at Ada Foah
Chef Keeks Lunch at Ada Foah

My boat sailing experience seems short but I did the most that weekend aside from my archery skills, sailing is my new favorite hobby.

I know you're inspired to take that trip to Ada to also enjoy boat sailing because I said you should! Thanks for reading and I hope to catch you later on my next adventure.

Kindly drop a comment or send me a dm for any more information.