How To Spend 24 Hours In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is South Africa's most vibrant and artistic destination. While there are a ton of things to do, here's how to make the most of it


Kofi Dotse

4/30/20242 min read

Kofi Dotse at a wine tasting experience on South Africa
Kofi Dotse at a wine tasting experience on South Africa

8:00 AM


How about enjoying the sunrise with a tasty breakfast at Red Radisson in Rosebank? You can have breakfast in your room or have it downstairs. If you're up for some adventure, explore a cool café in Maboneng Precinct for your morning meal. Sounds fun, right?

9:30 AM

South Africa History

Hop into a cozy cab and head over to the Apartheid Museum for an insightful journey into South Africa's history. Then, wander over to Constitution Hill to check out the Constitutional Court and learn all about the country's journey to democracy. Tickets are R160 for the Apartheid Museum and R120 for Constitution Hill. Enjoy your adventure!


Nature and Chill

Visit the Johannesburg zoo to explore the variety of wildlife like pink flamingos, elephants, lions, hippos and more. Take a guided leisure walk and spot your favourite wildlife.The entire tour takes about 45 mins and it's totally worth it. The entrance fee costs R120 per person.


Adventure and Thrills

After relaxing in nature, head to the famous Gold reef city themed park for a whole day's thrilling adventure. Try the water rapids, go on a wild roller coaster ride and finally face your fears at the tower of terror. You could take a break midway to have a quick snack at the restaurants in the park. Gold reef city park has a dozen experiences that could last for a day. The entrance fee is R265 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the main entrance.


Go Shopping

Looking for souvenirs or just want something cool to buy, head to woodmead shopping centre at Sandton. Woodmead shopping centre is where to find the factory stores of global brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Steve Madden etc. in South Africa. Prices are mostly affordable as compared to the malls.


Have Dinner

Johannesburg boasts of several restaurants and dine ins scattered across the city. I recommend Gemelli Restaurant, Sandton for dinner. There are great food and drink options. Try the Basotho lamb steak and thank me later. Be sure to make a reservation to ensure the best experience.


Live The Nightlife

Too early to call it a night, head over to Room 130 Bar in Sandton for some late night partying and Amapiano tunes. You could make new friends or meet people there.

Johannesburg is a city that never sleeps, filled with endless possibilities and experiences waiting to be discovered, even in just 24 hours.